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Angela DeNardo

Angela DeNardo

Physician Assistant

I’m Angela DeNardo and was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. I graduated from University of Nevada with a bachelors in Biology and minor in Psychology. During my undergrad, I worked on genetics research and was a teaching assistant for genetics as well. I also volunteered for the pediatrics floor/PICU and Ronald McDonald foundation. I received my Masters of Medical Science at Nova Southeastern University-Orlando. During PA school, I was the AAPA representative and represented my school and profession by voting for legislature at the 2019 national AAPA conference in Denver, CO.
I fell in love with aesthetics and all things skin care when I was offered an internship in dermatology in high school. It was absolutely incredible to experience the transformation of people as they grew self-esteem. I also loved how upbeat and positive aesthetics is, and feel that my personality compliments the specialty perfectly. Being a social person, I love to foster new relationships and truly consider clients to be my friends.
I am always striving to become my best self, and hope I can inspire my clients to do the same. I think self-care is a top priority, because nobody is going to love you like you love yourself! I love watching Ted Talks and you can always count on me for a great motivational video or inspirational book recommendation. I also think it is important to give back to the community stay involved with great charities such Children’s Miracle Network.

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