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Kristin Parmeter

Kristin Parmeter

Licensed Esthetician

Kristin Parmeter known publicly as “Krissy Vaine” has had a love for beauty since she was a small child. After graduating high school in NC Kristin immediately enrolled in cosmetology to become licensed in “all things beauty”! Kristin started with Venus in 2011 after moving to Florida and and continues to grow with our company. Kristin loves Medical Aesthetics and anything relating to performing and spirituality! Kristin has almost 20 years as a licensed Beauty Expert as well as being featured on television shows such as WWE, HSN, QVC, Venus Med Spa(she’s in our commercials) and working side by side celebrities such as Serena Williams and Giuliana Rancic. Kristin loves Advanced Aesthetics and is always coming up with new innovative “glam” plans for her patients to look and feel their best! Kristin is also a Certified Life Coach and Energy Healer so she brings a special kind of therapy to her patients. Kristin creates Beauty from the Inside Out!

We are happy to offer you Venus Med Spa in Malls throughout the country ... the first of its’ kind.