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Yvonne Bruner

Yvonne Bruner

Physician Assistant

Yvonne Bruner is an NCCPA board-certified physician assistant. She attained her master’s degree in Clinical Medical Science from Barry University in St. Petersburg, Fl., and has practiced in dermatology and pain management. Prior to that, her bachelor’s degree in creative writing led to a career in singing and recording, and a longstanding interest in holistic health led her to become a yoga and meditation instructor. Aesthetic medicine is the intersection of creativity, beauty, and holistic health that she is passionate about. 


She believes physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing is greatly influenced by self-confidence and how we perceive ourselves and is dedicated to providing each individual with detail-oriented and compassionate consultations and treatments. She is committed to working closely with her clients to educate them how to best address their concerns so they can confidently achieve their beauty goals.


Yvonne is known for her warm approach and gentle touch. She is thrilled to be a part of the Venus Med Spa family, and is looking forward to meeting you!


We are happy to offer you Venus Med Spa in Malls throughout the country ... the first of its’ kind.